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Ms. K.Lee/Murad Univ 1100 Students 23

 Electronic Databases Instruction, Instruction for a specific assignment, The goal of this session is to give the students tools for research as they prepare for their group projects.


The students will complete a group project. The directions are below: UNIV1100 Group Project Requirement (40 Points): Group work and opportunities to enhance students’ communication skills is germane to the college experience. This project has been designed to provide a forum for students to participate in deep learning through the sharing of ideas, critical decision-making, and developing innovative resolutions. In groups assigned by the instructor, students will collaborate to identify and explain a (1) social problem/issue (e.g. healthy eating on campus, clean water strategies); (2) develop a group concept paper describing the issue, communities/populations impacted, and research and rationale indicating why it is important to address the social problem/issue; (3) create a multi-media presentation that provides the critical components of the research, findings and recommendations to the social problem or issue and (4) the submission of a reflection of your individual experience during the group project, including what you gained and learned from the experience. This should be 1 page in length.


Wednesday, January 31, 2018
11:00am - 12:00pm
Electronic Classroom 212
Shepard Library
  Information Literacy  

Event Organizer

Jamillah Scott-Branch
Hafsa Murad

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